It's more than a denture, it's your smile!

IV Removable Dentures

A smile that's perfect for you!

Not all dentures are made the same way, or with the same types of materials and denture teeth. The most life-like options available are dentures made with materials from Ivoclar Vivadent, which are crafted using the most advanced techniques to ensure a comfortable fit and long-lasting wear for years to come.

With dentures made using Ivoclar Vivadent teeth and materials, you have a true-to-nature smile based on your unique facial characteristics and personality, as well as your preferences. The final result is not just a denture, but a smile that fits you perfectly. Ask your dental professional for Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth!

Teeth that are right for you!

Not all denture teeth are created equally. Dentures made with Ivoclar Vivadent Removable products offer the most life-like options available and are crafted using the most advanced material science to ensure an enhanced appearance and dependable wear for years to come.

You may wonder why some dentures look like real teeth while others have the obvious appearance of a denture. This is not by chance, but has to do with three main factors.

  • The shapes of the teeth
  • The colors and surface texture of the teeth
  • The placement of the teeth

Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth are designed to look like natural teeth with gender specific tooth shapes and colors that complement the age and personality of the patient.

Depending on your needs, your dental team can choose from a selection of available tooth shapes and a variety of materials, such as highly durable acrylic resin or Nano hybrid composite that resist wear, chipping, cracking, and staining. Advanced layering techniques make Ivoclar Vivadent Removable denture teeth look amazingly life-like by replicating the depth and beauty of natural teeth. In fact, they’re made by the same company that manufactures the state-of-the-art dental products and materials that make TV’s most amazing smile makeovers possible.

Options for your new smile range from...



A Great-Looking Smile at an Affordable Price Point

IvoStar denture teeth are an affordable denture tooth that does not compromise on esthetics or quality. Made from three layered cross-linked resin material for good wear resistance and superior esthetics.

  • For complete and partial dentures
  • Wide range of colors available, including extra white bleach
  • Manufactured with conventional cross-linked resin



For Premium Esthetics and Function at an Everyday Price

Blueline denture teeth, consisting of the Vivodent DCL brands, are the most popular of the Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth and constitute the majority of all denture tooth sales in North America. They are the most wear resistant of any acrylic resin tooth on the market and have the most molds and shades available of all the Ivoclar Vivadent lines.

  • Wide range of colors available, including extra white bleach
  • Produced using durable double cross linked resin
  • Increased wear resistance compared to conventional resin


Phonares® II

The Ultimate in Life-Like, Lasting Smiles

Phonares II denture teeth are made from a highly durable nano-hybrid composite material which offers wear resistance far superior to standard acrylic denture teeth. They are extremely natural looking, due to ceramic fillers in the teeth that refract light like natural tooth enamel and the tooth shapes that are modeled on the shapes of natural teeth. These are the highest quality denture teeth available from Ivoclar Vivadent.

  • Wide range of color options available, including extra white bleach shades
  • Precision crafted using optimized nano-hybrid composite material
  • Ultimate wear resistance and durability
  • For complete, partial, and implant-supported dentures

IvoBase processing

Better Fit and Function. The science behind a better denture is not just in the denture teeth, but also in the pink tissue or (gum) portion of the denture called the denture base. During conventional processing the acrylic denture base shrinks. This shrinkage can cause warping that leads to sore spots and a loose fitting denture. You can feel insecure when doing everyday things like smiling or eating.

Ask your dental professional for IvoBase processing!

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