Prescribe more than a denture, prescribe a smile!

Authorize Your Lab

To become an Authorized Ivoclar Vivadent Removable Laboratory you must have purchased Ivoclar Vivadent Removable products within the past six months. All requests will be verified by Ivoclar Vivadent before being approved for display on this website.

Step 1 — Enter Contact Info...How can we contact you if we need to follow-up?

Step 2 — Laboratory Information...These fields will be displayed on our website.

Step 3 — Answer the Following Questions...

If you need additional information on the Smile Design tools you can review the Smile Design Videos by clicking here, or you can watch the Dr. John Nosti educational webinar and receive one NADL Continuing Education credit.

Answer the following True/False questions on the Smile Design tools:

TRUE FALSE — The Papillameter is used to determine the length of the patient’s upper lip at rest?

TRUE FALSE — The Bite Gauge is used to determine the patient’s vertical dimension?

TRUE FALSE — The Centric Tray is used to determine the patient’s jaw relation?

TRUE FALSE — The Denture Gauge (Alma Gauge) measures the patient’s existing denture for anterior tooth length and labial inclination?

TRUE FALSE — The Rim Former is used to create a wax rim that is level with pupillary line and camper’s plane?

Step 4 — Terms & Conditions...