It's more than a denture, it's your smile!

Amy's IV Removable Story

Amy: Restoring her smile and faith in good people.

Amy was in her early 20s when she began struggling with her dental health. Unfortunate circumstances—including a car accident and severe acid reflux from her first pregnancy—left her with only 11 teeth and an ill-fitting removal partial denture that she refused to wear. As her dental health continued declining, one cavity after another was treated with fillings.

She was in her late 20s when she was sitting on her couch, hurting and crying from tooth pain, that she Googled the term “young denture wears.” The first video that popped up was one of Kristi, a woman roughly Amy’s age.

“There was this beautiful young woman talking about dentures,” Amy recalls. “After watching all of her videos I went to my dentist and was fitted with full dentures.”

Wearing those dentures, Amy remembers, was what she considered her “dirty little secret.” She hid the fact that she wore dentures, or at least she tried to. There were issues with how they fit, and she always felt that something was “off,” but she wasn’t sure what.

“It felt the same as if I had bad teeth,” Amy says. “I was back to covering my mouth and hiding my smile.”

Realizing She Wasn’t In It Alone

Five years later and still following Kristi’s vblogs, Amy learned about Ivoclar Vivadent Phonares II denture teeth. She watched Kristi’s video series showcasing her new hybrid dentures, which emphasized the features and characteristics of a quality, esthetic denture.

“Her video about Phonares denture teeth inspired me to call different dentists, make appointments, and try to find something better,” Amy says. She had already called a dozen dental offices before she went to yet another appointment. When Amy walked into the room for the consultation, the dentist opened a box with a few denture samples inside and asked her which one she wanted.

“I was instantly in tears because even though I knew what kind of teeth I wanted, at that point I didn’t know what kind of denture I wanted,” Amy says. “I was just so frustrated by the whole process of finding a better smile.”

She left that dental practice disheartened, and when she returned home, she Googled Ivoclar, found an 800 number, and called. That call eventually pointed her in the direction of Dr. J. Kevin Harper and Roy Dental Laboratory just across the border in Indiana. Both were trained and experienced in using Phonares denture teeth to give patients a comfortable, life-like smile, and both were eager to meet Amy and see what they could do for her.

“Here I was, just somebody calling off the street, but I desperately wanted a better smile and wanted to find a dentist educated in the process,” Amy says.

Restored Faith and Feeling Carefree

“I scheduled my appointment with Dr. Harper, but I was nervous when I walked in because my past history with dentists was less than par,” Amy admits. “But Dr. Harper listened to me and let me share what my concerns were, what I objected to with my old dentures, and just showed me he was invested and that my case was important.”

Ultimately, choosing a dentist who took the time to understand her needs and concerns—and who was skilled in using the Phonares denture teeth that she wanted—made a world of difference for Amy. The first denture set-up went very well, with only minor adjustments needed to give her the exact tooth length she desired. For the final fitting and pick-up day, everything had been refined and perfected to the point that Amy says she didn’t recognize herself.

“I was elated and I could smile again and be carefree,” Amy exclaims, adding that everything that was done for her absolutely changed her life and reestablished her faith in good people. “The Phonares teeth are extremely natural, down to the shape, the feel, and the look. It’s not just a denture. It’s opened up so many doors for me, and it’s really opened up a lot in myself.”