It's more than a denture, it's your smile!

Anna's IV Removable Story

Anna: A long journey yields amazing results

Anna is a part time sales associate from Sewell, NJ, who knew the value of having a full-time, beautiful smile. She had been, as she put it,"suffering with dentures for a long, long time." After spending years trying to fix or adjust the dentures on her own, she finally decided to take the plunge and approach her dentist in hopes of finding a solution.

Having spent so much time battling her dentures, Anna hadn't realized that wearing dentures was supposed to be a natural thing that doesn't interfere with one's daily activities or way of life. As an active gardener and dog trainer, in addition to her job responsibilities, she knew that her old dentures weren't working for her; in fact, with their uncomfortable fit and unnatural appearance, they were hindering her from giving her best, both in her personal and professional life.

"Eating had become so difficult, and I couldn't smile because my dentures were always slipping," she reflects. Anna's smile had gotten so bad that she realized she would cover her mouth with her hand whenever she smiled or spoke. Once she had this epiphany, she knew things had to change.

A worthwhile process

Upon making the decision to alter her smile, Anna visited her dentist. He worked with her to create a new set of dentures, but Anna wasn't ready for what happened next.

Now that she had a brand new set of dentures, things felt much differently. Because she had worn poorly fitting dentures for so long, her bite and jaw position had dramatically shifted, making her newly designed dentures difficult to get used to and wear with ease. While she says"they looked great," she worried about whether she would be able to eat or speak comfortably.

Her dentist was very supportive of her journey and encouraged her to visit as often as she needed to in order to make adjustments. With her dentist's support, she worked with the dental office to find the perfect fit, sometimes stopping in several times a week. Their encouragement and commitment to making her comfortable with wearing her new dentures made the process easier to handle, and soon Anna felt herself getting used to her new smile.

A new perspective

With a confident new smile, Anna began approaching life differently, including her interactions with family and friends. Now she doesn't have to worry about her dentures slipping because, as she says,"They fit like a glove!" She loves smiling for other people as widely as she can, because she's extremely proud of her new smile. Her family was amazed by the difference in her smile, even commenting that her new dentures looked like her natural teeth.

When asked what she would say to others who were considering changing or upgrading to better dentures, Anna wholeheartedly encourages others to do so. She thinks highly of the new technologies and materials that, as she claims,"give you back your smile." She is proud of herself for taking on this process and excited to have the opportunity to share her story with others so they can see there are tools in place to help them achieve the most natural smile they can hope to have, and that they—and their smiles—are worth it.