It's more than a denture, it's your smile!

Carol's IV Removable Story

Carol: Dental technician shares a personal experience

Carol is a dental technician and assistant from Los Angeles, California. Therefore, it would make sense that she would proactively seek the best dental care possible for herself, having counseled hundreds of patients to do the same. However, it wasn't until recently that she was able to say that her dentures were truly providing her with that level of performance.

A denture wearer for the past 39 years, Carol expected dentures to be a part of her life for years to come, but she did not expect that there could be such a gap in the comfort levels between her old and new dentures. As a dental professional, she was prepared for the initial discomfort of wearing new dentures, but when that discomfort lasted for a long time, she knew that there had to be a better option.

Impetus for change

Carol's professional training taught her about the importance of properly fitting dentures. Smile esthetic is only one critical function of dentures. Poorly fitting dentures can help destroy bone structure and cause the wearer to develop bad eating habits, leading to poor nutrition and a development or an increase in parafunctional habits that may not have been present before.

In her quest to avoid incurring even more damage, and to change the perception of others that, as she puts it, "just because you get dentures doesn't mean you're old," Carol inquired about obtaining new dentures. She knew that she should be changing her dentures every five years anyway, and once she was fitted for a new set, she couldn't believe the difference. She prepped herself for the changes a new set of dentures would bring, but even with her experiences in dentistry, she was not prepared for this type of change.

New opportunities

The new opportunities brought by her dentures left Carol feeling amazed at what she had been missing out on all these years. An avid baker, she now found herself able to eat anything without fear of how it might affect her teeth. She is also no longer self-conscious about how she looks, knowing that her dentures look like her natural smile. Her family and friends have made her aware of that and are quick to compliment her newly designed smile.

She credits her dental team with inspiring her to pursue her new dentures and to welcome the experience with open arms. She says the support she received then, and continues to receive even now, has made her journey to the perfect smile so much easier. To Carol, properly fitting dentures have made a world of difference, and the way she smiles now proves it.