It's more than a denture, it's your smile!

David's IV Removable Story

David: Rediscovering life

David is a patient who hails from the city of Richmond. While he had suffered with poor dental health for some time, he never knew what properly fitting dentures could do for his health and self-esteem until he received his new set of dentures. Unhappy with his then current situation and lacking the confidence he needed to go about his daily activities, David decided to make a life-changing decision for the better and explore what dentures could do for him.

"It's been truly live-changing," said David about his dentures."It's incredible, I didn't really know it would be like this."

Hesitation, then relief

David was initially wary of what his new dentures might do. He had heard stories and knew of other people who had poor experiences with their dentures. They were unable to eat the foods they liked, or their speech was affected in very obvious ways. While he wanted to improve his quality of life and his self-esteem, he did not want this improvement to come at the expense of other aspects of his life. However, he realized he had to make a change and took the plunge.

David noticed an immediate difference while being fitted for dentures. He says that even the temporaries he had to wear were an incredible difference from before. Despite being slightly uncomfortable, they were already doing more for David than his old dentures were. He had minor difficulties eating some foods, but his dentist reassured him that things would be much easier once he had his permanent dentures.

When he was fitted for the final dentures, David was ecstatic. He could eat and speak without issue, his dentures were comfortable, and he knew they were going to be life-altering.

Confidence restored

Today, David loves his new look. He's not the only one, either. His family is amazed by his new appearance and can't believe the difference in his smile. They can't believe how natural his teeth look and are so happy for him. David is also pleased with the results his new dentures have brought him. He considers his choice to get new dentures the best decision he has ever made, and he is thrilled that he no longer has to worry about hiding his smile. Eating, speaking, and smiling are no longer frustrating activities he dreads. His self-esteem has risen, and he wakes up every day knowing that his new dentures have given him the boost he needed to smile again. How would David describe his dentures? As he says,"I'm their biggest fan!"