It's more than a denture, it's your smile!

Joseph's IV Removable Story

Joseph: Finding happiness again

Joseph is a patient from Sacramento whose dentures have completely changed his life. He used to think that he would go his entire life with his teeth the way they were. He was unhappy, avoiding social interactions with work, clients, and family. He was embarrassed to smile or look people in the eye when speaking to them.

His professional career was suffering, too. His work required him to interact with clients often, and he says that he could sense their hesitation and possible distrust when working with him, based on his dental problems. He teaches classes as well, and he felt uncomfortable speaking to students one-on-one. Even laughing at others' jokes caused him trepidation and anxiety.

"Even at 55 years old, it's a second chance at life. I didn't have teeth for five years and it's totally different now. With the smile I have now, I'm not afraid to talk to people. "

A second chance

Joseph realized that he had reached the point of no return with his teeth. He had gone nearly five years with problems and, instead of being a part of his life that blended into the woodwork, they were causing him unnecessary distractions and overwhelming fears. He decided to get new dentures. While it was initially difficult to learn how to adapt to his new teeth, Joseph quickly saw that they were going to make a difference in his life. Others in his life noticed the difference as well. His family was so excited for him, and even complete strangers would approach him to tell him what a great smile he has. He can laugh now, knowing that despite not having his natural teeth, he has a perfect smile.

Opening doors

Now, Joseph can look back on his experiences and appreciate how blessed he is to have received new dentures. He is able to approach his work with greater confidence and enthusiasm, and it shows. He says that his clients are much more impressed by him and the work that he does, and he believes that his new appearance is changing their perceptions of him. They are much more accepting of his proposals, and he believes he has his new dentures to thank.

Joseph feels so lucky to have such a positive new experience with his dentures that he is spreading the news to anyone he thinks could benefit from having new dentures. Some of his coworkers have also learned from his experience, as well. Joseph passed on his dentist's information to a coworker who took his advice and was fitted for new dentures. Despite wearing dentures for 25 years, this man now has a set that fits better than any others he has had before.

Joseph is thrilled with his new dentures. He isn't limited by his eating choices and his speech hasn't changed. He says he receives compliments all the time, and his self-esteem has risen drastically. Most importantly, he says he feels better about himself overall, and his smile is on display for all the world to see once again.