It's more than a denture, it's your smile!

Kristen's Success Story

Kristen's IV Removable Story

Kristen: A smile transformed

Kristen is a radiographer from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who has experienced the life changing effects of dentures. Before her new dentures, she was worried about her appearance, what she could eat, and even whether her teeth would stay in place. She had dentures, but was concerned they were too white and unnatural looking. They also did not stay in place, limiting what she could eat comfortably.

She felt depressed and anxious, aware that her dental situation was hindering her from being happy. She spoke less, not wanting anyone to notice how badly her dentures fit. Eventually, it got to the point where she could no longer ignore her situation. Feeling helpless, she decided to get new dentures.

"Sometimes I even forget I'm wearing my dentures," Kristen said. "I'm a lot more talkative, a lot happier and I get compliments on my smile all the time."

A smile transformed

Once Kristen received her new dentures, she noticed an immediate change. Her new dentures are permanently fixed with implants, so she does not have to worry about them shifting out of place or becoming too loose. She says that she likes the color of her new dentures, as they are not quite as white as her old set, so they look much more natural. When she was fitted for her new dentures, her dentist elongated the teeth as well to achieve a much more esthetic look, which made Kristen happy. Now her teeth look natural and beautiful.

Her family has noticed the difference as well. Kristen points out that her daughter has commented on how much Kristen smiles now, a reflection of how happy and confident she has become since receiving her new dentures. The rest of her family, encouraged by Kristen to be honest, admits that her old dentures were too white and looked fake, but couldn't be happier for her now that she has her new smile.

A new outlook

Today, Kristen has a brand new perspective on life. She is no longer self-conscious about her smile. In fact, she continuously receives compliments on her new smile. She notes that she used to be incredibly self-conscious about other people looking at her, as she was always concerned they saw what she saw: an unpleasant, poorly designed smile. Now, she says, when she sees people looking at her, "I feel like it's because they think I have a nice smile, that I'm an attractive person, so it gives me more confidence."

While she was initially apprehensive about the number of appointments and the surgery involved, she now says that having new dentures is the best thing that could have happened to her. The support she received from her dental team has enabled her to move forward with her life. Sometimes, she says, "I forget I'm even wearing my dentures because they feel just like my regular teeth!"