It's more than a denture,

it's your smile.

A smile that's perfect for you!

Not all dentures are made the same way, or with the same types of materials and denture teeth. The most life-like options available are dentures made with materials from Ivoclar Vivadent, which are crafted using the most advanced techniques to ensure a comfortable fit and long-lasting wear for years to come.

You may wonder why some dentures look like real teeth while others have the obvious appearance of a denture. This is not by chance, but has to do with three main factors.

  • The shapes of the teeth
  • The colors and surface texture of the teeth
  • The placement of the teeth

Customized dentures. Beautiful smiles.

Keep your smile healthy and bright!

Long Lasting and Life-Like

Dentures made using Ivoclar Vivadent teeth and materials are the most life-like available and are crafted using the most advanced material to ensure an enhanced appearance and dependable wear for years to come.

Natural Looking

The variety of available tooth shapes and colors are also gender specific to enhance their natural-looking appearance.

Better Fit, Better Denture

It's not just the artistry of the denture teeth that make a better denture, but also the science behind the pink or gum tissue portion of the denture called the denture base.

The proof is in the numbers

With 300 preferred labs using Ivoclar Vivadent Denture teeth and over 1000000+ dentures made, why not have that conversation with your Dental provider today?

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Our Unique Approach

Just as your regular dentist would refer you to see an orthodontist if you need your teeth aligned—such as if you need braces or a retainer—your regular dentist may refer you to a prosthodontist if you need tooth replacement.

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