Gerry's Story

Confidence on and off the court

History in the making

She made history in 1978 as a member of the Milwaukee Does, playing in the first all-female professional basketball game against the Chicago Hustle in a new league called the Women’s Professional Basketball League (WBL). Forty-three years later, Gerry Lynn Booker’s trailblazing and pioneering spirit looks to digital dentistry to restore her smile and regain the confidence she once showed on and off the basketball court. When it came time to consider all the pros and cons of her restorative options, she and her clinician didn’t hesitate to choose a solution that was both definitive and esthetic.

When Gerry Booker came to the practice, she had decided it was time to address the teeth in her upper arch. The mobility of her teeth was impacting her ability to chew and bite and their appearance made her very self-conscious. In our discussions she related that she was reluctant to smile, which had eroded her self-confidence in dealing with other people in her life including family and friends. Although she was nervous about losing her teeth, she was hopeful for a solution that would improve function as well as give her a natural-looking smile.

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