Lizz's Story

A special day deserves the brightest smile

A new beginning to a promising future

Lizz Pierce chokes with emotion as she recounts how her beautiful new smile transformed the quality of her life and gave her a new beginning to a promising future. She discovered how dentures could give her that natural healthy-looking smile she had never had. It is a story she is eager to tell her YouTube followers, some of whom may be in what was her situation. The message: Don’t be afraid to visit your dentist and be aware that dentures don’t have to look like what everyone thinks of as a denture. They can give you that beautiful natural-looking smile you’ve always wanted.

Growing up Lizz’s teeth had never been perfect, but as she reached adulthood, her teeth became painful. Yet, she was afraid to go see a dentist. A marriage to an abusive spouse left her with numerous chipped and broken teeth, which were removed at a local health clinic. But the lost teeth made her even more self-conscience of her smile and left her with a lisp and strange speech pattern.

When she became pregnant with her first child, Lizz’s body was robbed of calcium which further exacerbated her dental complications. In pain and now in a new loving relationship, she decided to visit local New York dentist Dr. Frank Lauciello. With her wedding day was fast approaching, she was fearful she wouldn’t be able to express the joy she felt as she walked down the aisle. Listening to her concerns and understanding how important a beautiful smile is to embarking on a new life, Dr. Lauciello told her what she already knew…that her teeth were not salvageable…but he could assure her of a beautiful smile for her wedding day.

“My reaction when I first looked into the mirror after Dr. Frank inserted my new digital dentures was unbelievable happiness and shock at how natural they looked and felt in my mouth,” said Lizz. “My wedding day with my new smile was my new beginning.”

Today Lizz is committed to telling her story and sharing her experiences online at and on YouTube to deliver a message she wants every dentist and patient to hear.

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