Rodney's Story

Modern technology for a new smile

New Technology for a new smile

Rodney had suffered for many years with his teeth in poor condition. His dentures were fabricated utilizing digital denture software and the five-axis milling machine—the PrograMill PM7.

All of his remaining teeth were extracted, and his new digital immediate dentures were placed at the time of surgery providing him with immediate function.

"I was surprised at how well my first set of dentures fit!" said Frank. His final set of dentures were digitally designed and milled with the latest technology, Ivotion. Frank is one of the first patients treated with this new technology. "No glue, no adhesive, just excellent vacuum suction!"

"Having all my teeth extracted and immediate dentures placed was the best decision I ever made. I struggled with bad teeth for years, it affected who I was and the people around me. I now have a new life and a positive outlook."

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